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How to file an Insurance Claim

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Inspect & Advise

Your Advisor completes an in-depth analysis of all aspects of your roofing system and finds evidence of storm damage. They provide you with trusted guidance about the options available to you.

Your signature lets your Advisor guide you through your claim.

File a Claim

Contact your insurance company and file your claim. Make sure to record important information. Your insurance company will let you know when the Adjuster will be out.

Call your Advisor and let them know when to meet you and the Adjuster.

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Determining Scope

Starting at the Adjuster appointment, your Advisor works with your insurance company to ensure your claim restores your property to the condition it was in before the storm.

We email and call with updates and information about your claim status.


RoofAdvisor’s production team contacts you to select a date for your service. Many of our services are weather dependent, so this may be a range of dates.

We give you a call to schedule, then we email reminders.


You’re in great hands! Your Advisor works with our production team at every step along the way, making sure that your service is completed to the RoofAdvisor Standard.

We email updates and information about your service status. 

Closing the Claim

Your Advisor comes out and completes a final quality inspection of your restored roof. RoofAdvisor then submits a Completion of Work document to your insurance company who then remits any remaining payments.

Your satisfaction is our number one goal!

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