Leak & Damage Repair

Unfortunately, when you see water, chances are your roof has been leaking for quite a while.

When you notice a leak, do not call a roofing company to fix the leak. A “typical” roofing contractor will fix your leak and warranty only that repair.

RoofAdvisor fully analyzes every roof, every time, so you do not waste time and money on multiple costly repairs.

Our roof technicians are NON-COMMISSION employees. Their job is to understand your roofing system, provide advice and options, and find affordable, yet effective, solutions for roofing problems. Our intention is not getting the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible, nor is it selling you a new roof. Success for us is earning a customer for life through mutual trust, honesty, care, and reliability.

Sustainable Repair Estimates

When possible, we provide several options for repairs. Our goal is to reduce the amount of regular repair your roof requires by analyzing your property, certifying it NO-LEAK, and recommending an overall long term plan to protect your roof system.


Poor Materials

Often, prior roof replacement was completed with inappropriate or insufficient materials that wear quickly. Examples are roof tar around chimneys, silicon caulk on flashings, and rubber boots for pipes. These materials will age, lose ability to shed water and lead to damage.

Ventilation Challenges

Ventilation (or lack of ventilation) is one of the most overlooked components of a roofing system. Proper roof ventilation allows for a balance of air intake and exhaust. If a roof cannot breathe properly, it will fail prematurely, have craze cracks, cupping, and curling. Analyzing a roof without considering proper ventilation and/or diagnosing poor ventilation will lead to future damage.

Improper Installation Techniques

Unfortunately, some property owners choose a roofing company based solely on price. Price variances exist with good reason. Roofing is straight forward: contractors pay for materials, labor, and overhead (everything needed to run the business). Price variance is typically the result of speed and shortcuts. Poorly installed roofs are the result of high volume jobs at lower price with low margins.

Storm Damage

Debris from storm can choke the drains which can result in roof leakage when it starts raining. Heavy projectiles and loose equipment can also damage the roof.

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