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RoofAdvisor’s Mission: to help you find cost-effective and long-term solutions for prolonging the life of your roof.

Reliable Roof Replacement Company

Eventually all roofs need replacing. But how do you know for sure if yours requires it right now? Or when it will require a complete replacement? With the help of RoofAdvisor’s professionals, who are, as the name suggests, your advisors before all else.

We will never unnecessarily encourage you to replace your roof. We will give you our honest opinion, and in some cases, we may recommend a complete replacement. But in every case and in every roofing project, you can be sure that your home is in good hands.

Our team of experienced roof technicians complete roof tear offs, reroofs, as well as new construction homes. They are highly experienced and extensively trained in all types of roof replacements and installations, and there is nothing that can catch them off-guard. They continue to perfect their skills and stay up to date with all new industry trends, employing new technologies and innovative installation techniques.

In addition to the roofing skills and unmatched quality of service we strive to provide, our team also puts great emphasis on educating homeowners and helping them truly understand the condition of their roofing systems. We want to create trusting relationships with our clients so that they know they can turn to us for both quality services, as well as honest advice.

At RoofAdvisor, we hold our roofing replacement team to very high standards and always tend to be a step above the rest. We will give you a great experience from start to finish, a roof that will stand the test of time, and customer service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our Roofing Replacement Services

RoofAdvisor specializes in premium-quality roof replacements. We will go above and beyond to make the entire process as smooth and as easy as possible for you. When a roof replacement is the only viable solution for your home, we will make sure to give you the best possible roof and the highest curb appeal in the neighborhood.

We take great pride in our very thorough, time-efficient, and cost-effective roofing replacements. Every project is planned out in great detail and managed professionally so that everything goes according to plan. We are always mindful of your specific needs and wishes, as well as your budget, and work to give you the roof that you need and desire.

Our roof replacement company employs the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our roof replacements, and we hold the entire roofing team up to those standards.

Therefore, you can expect our roof replacement contractors to address any questions about the process, roofing products we use, or any other questions, very professionally and in a timely manner. They will handle and appease any potential concerns during or after your installation, and make sure you are 100% satisfied.

We are also here to work closely with you and help you pick out the perfect color and style for your new roof. We’re very flexible with the roofing materials and colors we offer, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

You can also expect us to clean up thoroughly after the work is done and to follow up on that work. We will always schedule a final, follow-up inspection of your roof to ensure everything is in order.

Roof replacement in Plymouth MI - RoofAdvisor
Roof repair Plymouth MI - RoofAdvisor

Roof Replacement Estimate

With RoofAdvisor, you can always expect a completely professional and detailed roof replacement estimate and quotation process, as well as a very quick response time. We understand that your roof and general safety are your top priorities, which is why we will always come out right away for your roof replacement estimate, so that we can get started with the replacement ASAP.

You can rest assured that we tell you everything upfront so that you are not met with any surprises down the road. Our roof replacement contractors, as well as estimates, are always honest, transparent, and professional.

Roof Replacement Cost

At RoofAdvisor, we try to save you both money and stress through our work and roof replacement services. We understand the importance of quality roofing systems and proper protection over your head, which is why we make it possible for all our homeowners to get new roofs at affordable prices.

We will always provide you with a clear, realistic, and affordable cost for roof replacement, as well as offer great financing options to help you budget the replacement.


  • Respect your time

  • Consider your budget

  • Use reliable products and materials

  • Invest in new technology

  • Update safety procedures & equipment regularly


  • Cut corners

  • Inflate prices

  • Over promise

  • Reschedule appointments (except for weather and/or unsafe working conditions)

  • Guess at the size of your roof

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